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Top quality groceries!
“SPUD's quality is way above grocery store quality. Their online ordering system is user friendly and their customer service is top notch. I HIGHLY recommend SPUD!”
Reduces your carbon footprint!
“SPUD is the best! The food is always amazing, it saves time, it reduces your carbon footprint, and the website is super easy to navigate.”
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“The quality of products is top notch. I also find that while I am buying organic and better quality food, I am spending less overall - no impulse buying at a store!”

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How It Works

Groceries and Produce Delivered to Your Door

Weekly Specials

Each week we feature amazing special offers. Grab the savings before they're gone.

The Juice Box

SPUD is proud to offer The Juice Box, Vancouver's premier cold-pressed all-organic juice company.

Want it faster?

Unexpected dinner party or forgotten item in your last order? SPUD is now offering next day delivery service with SPUD Express.

Local & Ready to Eat

Skip the prep but stay healthy with SPUD's new locally-made ready to eat meals.

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