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Organic Nut Milk Sampler
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Pure and simple, we think that this is the best Almond Milk around. We use only Italian or Spanish grown Carmel almonds. They have a higher oil content than their better know California counterparts and therefor have a unique, rich almond-y flavor. They are also unpasteurized, something that California almonds are not. Slightly sweetened with pure Canadian Maple Syrup, one sip and you are in Almond Milk Bliss! Enjoy this on it’s own or with granola for the perfect vegan breakfast or snack.

Brazil Nut Milk with Cinnamon and lightly sweetened with Maple Syrup. Who would've thought that these 3 things mixed together would taste this amazing. Brazil Nuts are high in the trace mineral Selenium and in fact are natures best source, something especially important for men’s health. The spice of cinnamon is great for the circulation and along with Maple Syrup created the most delicious raw and vegan Horchata you have ever had. Trust us on this one!

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The Juice Box

The Juice Box

Vancouver, BC


The Juice Box mission is simple—to give each and every person tools and resource to cleanse and to heal themselves. Juice cleansing is a potent and powerful cleansing system, and these juices are the most nutritious and healing of the bunch. But it doesn’t end with juice. The Juice Box is committed to providing you education to make the best choices for your body and your lifestyle. By doing this, you can become more empowered in your health and wellness.

The Juice Box is built upon a foundation of integrity and dedication to your nutrition and to the health of the planet. They will never compromise those things to make a profit.


Meet Willow and Jody.

They believe that everyone should have the resources to make more positive choices regarding their lifestyle, health and wellness. Making a small decision like incorporating fruit and vegetable juice into one’s diet on a regular basis can often be the very thing that triggers a deeper connection to health. They believe that juicing can help people feel better, have more energy, and feel more alive.

Willow and Jody work hard to make not only the cleanest but the BEST tasting juice your taste buds have experienced. It’s not just all of that sustainable organic produce, it’s also the love of a dedicated team.

Organic Nut Milk Sampler, 2x414ml
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