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Proprietary herbal extract blend 628.8 mg *
asoka tree (bark), asoka treeº (bark), boerhavia (root), Indian tinospora (stem bark), boerhaviaº (root), lodh tree (bark), black nightshade (whole plant), lodh treeº (bark), Indian tinosporaº (stem bark), black nightshadeº (whole plant), shatavariº (root), cyperus (tuber), aloe veraº (leaf), cyperusº (tuber), malabar nut treeº (leaf), aloe vera (leaf), bombax (exudate), bombaxº (exudate), malabar nut tree (leaf), shatavari (root).
Dashamoola herbal blend 89.6 mg *
bael tree (stem bark), malay bush beech (stem bark), clerodendrum phlomidis (stem bark), sarivan (whole plant), uraria picta (whole plant), solanum angulvi (whole plant), yellow-fruit nightshade (whole plant), sarivanº (whole plant), uraria pictaº (whole plant), solanum anguviº (whole plant), yellow-fruit nightshadeº (whole plant), tribulusº (whole plant), bael treeº (stem bark), clerodendrum phlomidisº (stem bark), oroxylumº (stem bark), malay bush beechº (stem bark), fragrant padri treeº (stem bark), tribulusº (whole plant), oroxylum (stem bark), fragrant padri tree (stem bark).
Trikatu herbal blend 49.6 mg *
pepper (fruit), long pepper (fruit), ginger (rhizome), pepperº (fruit), long pepperº (fruit), gingerº (rhizome).
Triphala herbal blend 32 mg *
amlaº (fruit), belleric myrobalanº (fruit rind), chebullic myrobalanº (fruit rind), belleric myrobalan (fruit rind), amla (fruit), chebulic myrobalan (fruit rind).
About the product
Since 1930
Non-GMO Project Certified
Certified USDA Organic
Gluten Free
Happiness through Wellness
For Pain Associated with Menstrual Cycle
Relieves Cramping & Symptoms of PMS
Includes Shatavari
Herbal Supplement
1 Month Supply
Vegan Friendly
No Wheat, No Corn, No Soy, No Dairy
No Ingredients of Animal Origin
Ayurveda teaches that with the correct approach, the menstrual cycle should be barely noticeable. It proposes this is achieved beginning with Triphala and Trikatu to reinforce digestion and Shatavari to support emotional and hormonal balance.
This age-old guidance is the basis for MenstriCare, which is formulated to reduce cramping, fatigue and discomfort related to the menstrual cycle.

Features: Gluten Free
About the vendor
Makali, Bengaluru, KA

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