Blended For You

Vancouver, BC
Frozen Smoothies
We originally started developing truly good-for-us food so we could stay healthy while racing around in our hectic lives. Blended, frozen, ready-to-use smoothies have been fuelling us through everything from our long days to long bike rides, and helping our community stay healthy.
Hundreds of recipes later, we're ready to share the balanced fruits of our labours. We’re starting with a full line-up, designed to cover different personal tastes and health needs.
Welcome to our Blended family.
  • Blend it up

    There’s no school like old school. Blend your pack with your preferred liquid.

  • Shake it up

    The ultimate manual mixer. Thaw, add liquid and look out shaker cup.

  • Spooning

    As good as cuddling. Spoon smoothie goodness direct from pack.

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