Roots Organic

Surrey,  BC  | 114 km from Victoria
Our family has a long history of farming in the South Surrey, B.C. area. Before specializing in herbs, baby vegetables and edible flowers our farm used to produce the more traditional crops of onions, carrots, head lettuce, romaine and green leaf lettuces. However, with the dramatic drop in returns for these staples, a new direction was sought.

Beginning in 1996, we introduced small scale herb production into our green houses as Evergreen Herbs Ltd. Through aggressive marketing including food service convention exhibits across Canada, frequent rendezvous and personalized service we expanded tenfold over the next three years. Today we are one of the largest distributors in Canada.

Roots Organic combines certified organic and good agricultural practices surpassing industry standards to produce the healthiest and finest quality crops of herbs, baby vegetables, gourmet lettuces and edible flowers available.

All our products originate from our modern greenhouse operation to ensure the best quality products from the start. Such a controlled environment is a necessary first step in our extensive quality assurance program.

We employ polyethylene ground cover and traditional hand weeding methods to inhibit weed growth. Soil erosion is largely controlled through grass and hedge burms located at ditch margins. These features effectively inhibit water erosion of the soil during wet winter months. Winter wind erosion of soil integrity is effectively met through the planting of ground cover, usually winter oats.

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This frozen product may be packed with dry ice. Please do not touch the dry ice, and keep away from kids and pets.
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