Good Habits Food

Richmond,  BC  (4 km from Burnaby warehouse)
At Good Habits they do what they love and love what they do. That positive energy goes into every batch of granola they bake and they know you will taste the difference.

Their story began over 10 years go when they embarked on their first venture - a bakery café in Vancouver’s westside neighbourhood of Dunbar. Their aim was to provide young families with a fun place to bring their kids for healthy treats and a safe play space to enjoy so that parents could get to the elusive bottom of their coffee cup in peace.

They turned our ovens on at 5am everyday for all those years and created many wonderful goodies for countless sleep-deprived parents (and grandparents and caregivers!) Many times, a product came about because a customer made a special request.

They whipped together their first batch of granola simply because they wanted to top a muffin with it. It was so good they decided to add some to a yogurt parfait. Then, one day a special customer made a game-changing request - “Can I please buy a bag of your granola?”

The rest? Well, that’s pretty much history.

Thousands and thousands of bags later, they’ve set up a new kitchen, spruced up their look and are now focused on bringing the product they love most to your neighbourhood.

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