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Fresh Harvest Box:
Enjoy the flavours of our seasonal best

Curated weekly by our SPUD produce experts, our Fresh Harvest Box is the best way to incorporate seasonal produce into your daily routine. With a wide selection of locally grown and organic produce available, these boxes deliver peak-of-the-season produce you would expect to see at your local farmer's market.
Build your Fresh Harvest Box

Built for you:
Customize your produce delivery

Customizable to meet your family's needs you can set your spend, create a preference list and swap produce to suit your taste. There are many reasons why we love supporting fresh from harvest produce, here are just a few!
Save 5% of seasonal produce.
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Here's how it works

  • Choose a Box Size

    Select or customize your box size to align with your family's needs and budget

    Top Tip: While we suggest values you can tell us how much you want to spend, and we will build a box to suit your budget
  • Save 5%

    Why not add savings? Save 5% when you have a Fresh Harvest Box in your cart, and your inclusive spend on produce is $50+

    Top Tip: If the value of your box is below $50, you can add additional produce to your cart to bring you up to the minimum spend
  • Customize your box

    Curated weekly to ensure variety, you can remove and swap the produce so you only receive what you will eat.

    Top Tip: You can build out a preference list and let us know what you do or don't want to see in your box
The contents for your Fresh Harvest Box are curated the Friday before your delivery day, be sure to check your cart to see the selection of produce you'll receive, you can swap and remove items based on your taste preference and meal planning

Farmer's Market Freshness delivered to your door

Build your Fresh Harvest Box