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Organic Ethiopia Ground Medium Roast Coffee
organic GMO Free fair trade

Berries and honey provide a bright, playful entry, with smooth centre notes, and a lingering cocoa finish.
This product traveled 100 km to reach our warehouse.

Product code: DR0070
Features: Organic , GMO Free , Certified Fair Trade

Level Ground Trading Ltd.

Level Ground Trading Ltd.

Victoria, BC

Level Ground Trading Ltd. Was started in 1997 in response to trade inequity and a lack of communication between producers in developing countries and North American consumers. The company is a direct importer and roaster of coffees, naturally dried tropical fruit and cane sugar.

Their mission is to trade fairly and directly with small-scale producers in developing countries, and to market their products in North America, offering our customers ethical consumer choices. About Level Ground Trading

Level Ground's Trade practices emphasize;

* Paying a fair price to farmers and producers * Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers through a direct trade relationship * Supporting sustainable environmental practices * Guaranteeing that all its products are of the highest quality by investing in technical assistance and certification * Promoting independence, education and positive work conditions * Operating with transparency and accountability in the marketplace

"Clean-up after yourself" Every Level Ground Trading package returned to a Reclamation Station will be diverted from the landfill and be used to create electricity. The metallized layer in each package that keeps coffee fresh is a problem for existing recycling technology. Visit www.levelground.com/recycle for information about Reclamation Stations.

Organic Ethiopia Ground Medium Roast Coffee
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