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Organic Metta Espresso Dark Coffee, Whole Bean
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This espresso blend contains traditional Indonesian, African and Central American coffees. The outcome is a truly exotic cup with a zesty and rich full-bodied flavour.
This product traveled 50 km to reach our warehouse.

Product code: DR126
Features: Organic , GMO Free , Certified Fair Trade

Salt Spring Coffee Co.

Salt Spring Coffee Co.

Richmond, BC

Salt Spring Coffee was founded in 1996 on Salt Spring Island by Mickey McLeod and his wife Robbyn Scott and its fresh-roasted coffee is now distributed and served across Canada. In British Columbia, Salt Spring Coffee can be found in over 300 cafés, restaurants, and grocery and specialty food stores.

The company remains committed to its island roots: Forming partnerships with farmers who grow quality coffee sustainably, pioneering environmentally-friendly standards and techniques, and fostering a team of expert roasters and baristas who get the most out of every bean.

Year by year, cup by cup, Salt Spring Coffee is cultivating a world-wide coffee community devoted to change.

Organic Metta Espresso Dark Coffee, Whole Bean
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Freshly roasted coffee beans.

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