Local; this product traveled 533 km to reach our warehouse.
Kobe-Style Wagyu Beef Patties (Frozen)
Canadian Frozen Product ssView recipe that use this product

Delicious, flavorful wagyu/kobe beef! From right here in BC!

Please note: This is a very limited item that we can only source every so often, so its availability will come and go. It's worth waiting for!

Whispering Winds is processed at Kawano Farms and thus the packaging bares Kawano Farms' name and CFIA inspection number. Rest assured that you're still getting 100% grass-fed beef from our friends up at Whispering Winds.
This product traveled 533 km to reach our warehouse.

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Whispering Winds Ranch

Vanderhoof, BC

When we asked our customers what they wanted most, we found two things most apparent: They want to feel closer to where their meat comes from and they are demanding grass-finished product.

With that in mind, here is some amazing beef from Whispering Winds Ranch in Vanderhoof, BC. Born and raised on a three generation family farm where even the little tikes help out, the cattle are raised without growth-hormones and on a natural forage-based diet grown directly on the farm. By skipping the grains that most producers use, they not only produce a better life for the animals, but the meat is better for you as well: leaner, more omega-3s, more vitamins a and e and with less risk of the E.coli contaminations that seem to be running rampant in the industrial cattle world. The head of the family, Martin firmly believes that if it isn't good enough for his family, it's not good enough for yours.

Kobe-Style Wagyu Beef Patties (Frozen)
for 4x5oz Patties - ~566g


Beef, Spices, Salt

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