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Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth (Frozen)
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Making broth is an 18 hour process and involves roasting bones after extracting nutrients using apple cider vinegar. Then it's simmered for 12 hours, drained and simmered again for 6 further hours. The end result is a highly gelatinous, nutritious and tasty broth without equal in Vancouver.

These are 100 mile diet friendly animals. They have been fully pastured for their lifetime and are ethically raised throughout. Slaughter occurs one day after the animals arrive, so they are rested and not stressed from travel. The resulting stock is more flavourful and nutritious as a result.
This product traveled 4 km to reach our warehouse.

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Home on the Range Organics Ltd.

Vancouver, BC

Home On The Range Organics produce a limited selection of nourishing and healthy meals, pies, sausages and bone broths. All of them are free from preservatives and antibiotics or hormones. Guaranteed to be a minimum of free range, but usually organic, our products represent locally sourced ingredients, cooked with passion.

Grass Fed Beef Bone Broth (Frozen)
for 750ml


Essence of 100% grass fed beef bones, organic tomatoes, organic leeks, organic carrots, organic onions, organic celery, bay leaves, organic thyme, black peppercorns.

The farm source of the grass fed beef bones follows traditional organic practices.
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