Peak of the Market
Local Organic Potatoes, Red
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About the product

Red potatoes have smooth, thin skins and work well in casseroles, soups, salads or boiled, steamed and roasted. These potatoes come to us and you with the dirt still on.

Dirty? : Our farmer has found that not washing his potatoes helps to maintain longer storage life. The dirt protects against light damage, which causes potatoes to go soft and green. And remember, keep your potatoes in a cool, dry and dark spot. When your ready to eat them wash them up in a sink of warm water.

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Features: Organic , GMO Free , Vegan/Dairy Free
General information
Storage Tip: Keep potatoes out of the fridge in a cool and dry spot. Keep new potatoes in a plastic bag in the fridge.

Preparation Tip: Scrub potatoes well before cooking. Throw out any green potatoes as they can make you sick. If you insist on peeling a potato, peel lightly so you do not lose all the nutrients.

Did you know... Canadians eat more potatoes than any other vegetable.

Culinary Compatibility: Olive oil, garlic, rosemary, salt, pepper, oregano, onions, various cheeses.

Health Information: Potatoes are full of fibre, potassium, iron, vitamin C, thiamin, niacin, vitamin B6 and folate.
About the vendor
Peak of the Market
Winnipeg, MB
Peak of the Market is one of Canada's premier grower owned vegetable suppliers and has grown quality produce in Manitoba for 65 years. Peak of the Market supplies over 120 different varieties of Manitoba grown vegetables. They are year round suppliers of various vegetables as Manitoba growers have one of the most technologically advanced storage programs anywhere in North America. Many vegetables can be stored for long periods in controlled environment storage facilities. In these storage facilities, the temperature, humidity and air movement are carefully monitored to ensure the vegetables are maintained in optimum condition to provide excellent quality and value to consumers. Some of the vegetables that can be stored for long periods are Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Onions, Parsnips, Potatoes and Shallots.

Peak of the Market vegetables have the well-deserved reputation for excellent quality. Their quality standards exceed the national standards and they stand behind the produce they grow. Peak of the Market was one of the first produce suppliers in North America to have a toll free consumer response line to address any consumer concerns.

Peak of the Market, along with its growers, employs over 1,000 people and injects over 50 million dollars a year into the economy. In addition to shipping vegetables in Canada, they also ship throughout the United States, as well as into Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean. Peak of the Market has expanded over the years and today has 50 growers.

Peak of the Market's last thirteen years, 1994/95 to 2006/2007, have proven to be the highest sales years in the company's 65-year history. These record-breaking sales were accomplished by obtaining sales in markets across North America including California, Florida, Texas and Washington. These areas also produce a large supply of vegetables but they recognize the quality and taste difference that Peak of the Market vegetables provide.

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