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Local Organic Garlic, Scapes
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About the product
Known as "stems", "scapes", "spears", or "tops", these tender green "flowers" are the seedpod that forms on hard neck garlic plants in June. This delicious stalk has a taste that is milder than the garlic cloves, and has a broad spectrum of uses from soups to salads to garnishes. Garlic scapes are an allium delicacy that is highly prized and traditionally used in Southern, Eastern European, and Korean cuisine because of it's subtle garlic flavor, tender-crisp texture, and nutraceutical potency.
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Features: Organic , Vegan/Dairy Free
General information
Storage Tip: Store in a dark, cool, well ventilated spot. If stored in plastic it will quickly rot.

Did you know... To remove garlic odour from your hands, rinse with lemon juice or scrub with salt and then rinse with cold water.

Culinary Compatibility: Garlic is ubiquitous in cooking. It goes with anything except dessert!

Health Information: There are 4 calories per clove of garlic. Garlic contains calcium, potassium and thiamin. Studies have shown garlic to reduce blood cholesterol levels.
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Skipping Rooster
Chilliwack, BC
Skipping Rooster Organic Farm began in 2010 as a partnership betweenfriends who shared the common love of the land and the desire to grow topquality, delicious fruits and vegetables. Since 2010, the farm hasexpanded two-fold and continues to grow to supply restaurants, CSAs,independent grocery stores and individual consumers in the Vancouver area. The farm is situated in Birken, BC just north of Whistler and flourisheswith a unique microclimate and natural springs. Skipping Roosterspecializes in the cultivation of garlic, watercress, apples, plums, onions,shallots, leeks, kale, parsnips and carrots. We are fully PACS certifiedorganic and we are dedicated to producing the best organic fruits andvegetables.

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