Poop Bags - Unscented

Picking up is a little more fun with Earth Rated® dog waste bags, strong, fashionable and affordable, there's something for everyone. For any size poop!
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Product code: PS028
Features: Canadian

Earth Rated

Montreal, QC

Earth Rate's team's energy and enthusiasm for their products, their customers and their pets is what sets them apart in this competitive industry. They love what they do and it shows not only in their products, but also in the way they build relationships with their customers.

It has always been their priority to offer a quality product with a modern design at affordable pricing. Creating a community of loyal customers has helped Earth Rated® grow and become the company it is now. They aren't just about poop bags and their customers know this. They care about the environment, they are proud to support rescues and local shelters, they give back to their customers and they use social media to connect with their customers on a daily basis.

Poop Bags - Unscented
for 8 pk

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