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Local Organic Mushrooms, Crimini - BC Grown
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About the product
Not only are numerous health advantages offered by these little wonders (including anti-cancer benefits, antioxidant benefits, and immune system support), but organic crimini mushrooms taste great too. Crimini mushrooms are juvenile portabellas (aka portobellos) which have a deeper, denser, earthier flavour than White mushrooms and are the perfect addition to a delicious meal.
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Features: Organic , GMO Free , Vegan/Dairy Free
General information
Storage Tip: Keep mushrooms in a vented paper bag in the fridge. Enoki mushrooms will last only a few days, while white, oyster, crimini and boletes stay fresh for up to a week. Shiitake and portobello last up to 2 weeks.

Preparation Tip: Mushrooms soak up water which dilutes flavour and destroys nutrients, so to clean, wipe mushrooms with a damp paper towel or mushroom brush. Mushrooms should always be eaten cooked. The mycochitin composition of mushroom cell walls, as opposed to cellulose walls of plant cells, is more difficult for humans to digest. Our stomachs resent indigestible items, and often forcibly reject them without further ado. The cooking process helps break down fungal cell walls, rendering mushroom flesh not only more readily digestible, but also releasing significant nutritional value contained within the cells.

Did you know... Approximately 38000 varieties of mushrooms exist.

Culinary Compatibility: Butter, olive oil, sesame oil, nut oils, creme fraiche, sour cream, goat cheese. Gorgonzola, stilton, boursin or blue cheese. Garlic, chives, wine, fresh herbs and pine nuts.

Health Information: Mushrooms are low in calories and are fat free. They are a good source of pantothenic acid and iron, potassium, zinc, niacin, folate, and selenium.
About the vendor
All Seasons Mushrooms
Langley, BC
Established in 1997 and locally-owned by Frank Moscone and John Hoksbergen, All Seasons Mushrooms Inc. is one of the most prominent mushroom production and marketing companies on the West Coast of Canada in its vigilance towards a philosophy of…

“Service. Quality. Integrity”

When it was established, All Seasons Mushrooms was the first competitor to the then incumbent "Money's Mushrooms" (whom now no longer produce mushrooms).

Very early on, All Seasons recognized the importance of Food Safety for all of its facilities. Accordingly, the Management quickly committed to establishing and supporting a well documented Facility Manual incorporating a HACCP Plan with its many programs and procedures as well as many other procedures which are germane to well operated and managed facilities. The Facility Manual is updated regularly as any changes and/or improvements are made. The Management of All Seasons continues to be fully SUPPORTIVE of this program.

At All Seasons we believe it's all about our people. Not all the good intentions of management, nor the best technology in the world can collectively make a successful company. Rather it is these elements coupled with the diligence of our people… they are the right people… dedicated to the philosophy of All Seasons' management.

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