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Cow Feta With Herb

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Organic raw milk, bacterial culture, microbial rennet, lipase, salt.
About the product
As an Artisan cheese producer, they at Jerseyland Organics have developed and marketed several distinct varieties of organic cheese. Their cheese is made from raw milk and is naturally aged with no preservatives or coloring added. This is the reason for its unique taste and superior quality.
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About the vendor
Jerseyland Organics Jerseyland Organics
Grand Forks, BC
Jerseyland Organics of Grand Forks, BC, was the first certified organic cheese producer in BC. The company is owned and operated by Rick and Vicki Llewellyn, who began farming with one Jersey Cow in 1983. Today, the Llewellyns have a herd of 95 purebred Jersey cattle.

The Llewellyns began making cheese as Jersey milk is the best type of milk for making cheese. Jersey milk is very high in milk solids, which is what cheese is derived from. One gallon of Jersey milk produces about 1.5 pounds of cheese, depending on the type of cheese being made. Cheese made from Jersey milk is rich and creamy and it contains natural carotenes from the Jersey's forage. The Llewellyns decided to focus on specialty gourmet cheeses like Gouda, Asiago, Liecester, Feta, and Parmesan because of the premium quality of the creamy cheese produced by Jersey cows.

After their first year of cheese production, Rick and Vicki decided to convert from conventional to organic production. They made this decision for three reasons: 1) concern for the health of their customers, 2) concern for the environment, and 3) concern for the well being of their cows. The Jerseyland farm is certified by the Boundary Organic Producers Association.

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