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Due to the ingredient formula being proprietary to Victory Laundry, ingredients will only be divulged by SPUD upon request. Packaging is recycleable.
About the product
Make your dishes shine! Victory's powder formula is packed with the power to get even your greasiest dishes clean. Get the best results by rinsing off excess food before putting dishes into your dishwasher. Use in combination with machine manufacturers recommended rinse agent.
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About the vendor
Victory Laundry
Calgary, AB
Necessity is the mother of invention, and even Necessity hated doing laundry. What’s more it turned out her brilliant kid ‘invention' was the sensitive sort whose skin was easily irritated.

Victory Laundry Soap is a locally made product, developed by Calgary entrepreneur and mother of two, Vicky Ngeth. After an extensive process of elimination, Vicky discovered her daughter’s skin sensitivity issues stemmed from the conventional laundry detergent her family was using. After trying many other commercial products with no relief and finally coming to grips with the reality that buying new clothes rather than doing the laundry was not a feasible option, Vicky set out to do some research. With her family serving as lab rats along the way, their discoveries are now your convenience.

Victory’s cleaning properties rival that of major grocery store brands and will not irritate skin or pollute the environment, and the low sudsing formula is safe for high efficiency and top loading washers.

The Victory product line has extended to include an all-purpose oxygen cleaner, perfect for tough stains and household jobs, as well as a dishwasher detergent. Try them all today!

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