Various Growers in California

Organic Daikon, Bulk - White Radish

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Organic Organic Vegan/Dairy Free Vegan/Dairy Free
About the product
From the Japanese words dai (large) and kon (root), this vegetable is in fact a large oriental radish with a sweet, tangy flavor. The daikon's flesh is crisp, juicy and white, while the skin can be either creamy white or black. Oriental radishes have a short shelf life, as they quickly dry out and become limp. Keep wrapped in plastic in vegetable crisper up to 1 week.
This product traveled 3042 km to reach our warehouse.
Features: Organic , Vegan/Dairy Free
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Various Growers in California
Because the growing season and weather conditions change availablity, or because we may have to pull from multiple farms within this area, we cannot inform you exactly where this produce item is sourced from presently.

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