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Breville Juice Fountain Plus - One Full Payment

Product code: JOBP053541
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The Breville Juice Fountain Series of juicers boast a powerful motor that allows you to create freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices quickly and efficiently. They maximize the natural juices extracted from each piece of produce fed through the chute, to ensure you don’t lose valuable enzymes and nutrients. The chutes on these juicers are three inches, meaning most produce items can be easily juiced whole, saving you time and effort.

The Breville Juice Fountain Series of juicers are powerful and durable juicers that produce high-quality freshly extracted juices. They were designed with efficiency in mind, making them easy to clean, disassemble, and reassemble. These features, along with the Breville’s large capacity and efficient processing speed, make these juicers incredibly convenient and easy to use.

•800-watt juicer with 2 speed controls
•Incredibly efficient extraction speed
•3-inch feed tube accommodates whole fruits and vegetables
•Easy to clean, disassemble, and reassemble
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Breville Juice Fountain Plus
Over the past 80 years Breville has grown to become an iconic Australian brand and has enhanced people’s lives through thoughtful design and brilliant innovation, delivering kitchen products to over 50 countries around the globe. Breville is the kitchen appliance brand that engages people with ‘food thinking’. Delivering innovation and insights that empower people’s potential to do things more impressively or easily than they’d thought possible in their own kitchen.

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