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About the product
Also known as Mexican yam bean, Mexican turnip, Mexican potato, or Chinese Potato. It's a juicy, sweet, and nutty tuber with a distinct crunch.

Jicama's flavour is best described as a savory apple. It is most commonly enjoyed raw, but you can cook jicama, too. Its white flesh stays crisp when cooked briefly. You need to peel a jicama’s thick, papery skin, but with a chef’s knife rather than a peeler.

Jicama is high in carbohydrates in the form of dietary fiber. It is composed of 86–90% water; it contains only trace amounts of protein and lipids. Its sweet flavor comes from the oligofructose inulin (also called fructo-oligosaccharide) which is a prebiotic. Jícama is very low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. It is also a good source of vitamin C.
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Features: Organic , Vegan/Dairy Free
General information
Storage Tip: In order to store turnips for a long time, first cut off the greens and store the roots and the greens in separate bags.

Preparation Tip: Small turnips don't need peeling.

Did you know... The sweetest turnips are the smallerst ones.

Culinary Compatibility: Combine them with cabbage or grill with lemon juice and olive oil and marinate with herbs.

Health Information: Turnips are low in calories and contain calcium, iron, vitamins A and C and dietary fibre.
About the vendor
Purity Organic
San Francisco, CA
At Purity Organic (a division of Pacific Organic Produce) they're dedicated to getting their delicious, organically grown fruit, juices and drinks into markets and corner stores where everybody can enjoy them. Pacific Organic Produce has been partnering with select organic growers for over 10 years, getting their produce (and now their juice) out to the public. Pacific Organic's support of organic farming brings their customers healthier food and contributes to the flourishing of family farms, the enrichment of their soils, the protection of farm workers from harmful pesticides, and the support of more intact ecosystems.

Their goal at Purity Organic and Pacific Organic Produce is to create a higher return to the farmers, making sustainable agriculture a reality. So on behalf of the farmers they serve they'd like to say thanks for supporting organic farming and a better way of doing business. Here's to your health and the health of our planet.

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