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Beef Stew Meat (Frozen)
Canadian Frozen Product ssView recipe that use this product

Chili, a dark beer stew, stroganoff, delicious tacos… You can do a lot with good quality stewing beef like this! Cut mostly from the round and chuck, this is a sure-fire way to elevate your weeknight dinner or Sunday stew.
This product traveled 14 km to reach our warehouse.

Product code: MP988
Features: Canadian , Frozen Product

Two Rivers Specialty Meats

Vancouver, BC

Two Rivers Meats was started by Jason Pleym and his wife Margot in October 2007. The name was inspired by a song their friend Barney Bentall wrote for their wedding, called Where Two Rivers Meet.

The Pleym’s pride themselves on developing relationships with local farmers who share their vision of how animals should be raised. They are a purveyor of fine meats including beef, pork and others that are free of antibiotics, hormones and chemical feed additives. In addition to providing the finest protein products available, their goal is to strengthen the connection between producers and consumers. They believe that people should know where their food is coming from and that it was produced ethically and naturally.

Beef Stew Meat (Frozen)
for ~454g



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