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Original Non-Alcoholic Beer

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Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast
About the product
Clausthaler is a premium non-alcogolic beer brewed in Germany. Enjoy the earthy and malty aroma with a hoppy finish.
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About the vendor
Like Clausthaler, a number of breweries were chasing the holy grail of non-alcoholic beer in the late 60s and early 70s. At some point, most of them gave up. Clausthaler never did.

Driven by a passion that bordered on obsession, the pioneers at Clausthaler were determined to make brewing non-alcoholic beer possible. But while the competition attempted to take the alcohol out of regular beer, the Clausthaler brewmasters realized that they needed a new strategy altogether. So, after countless long days and nights spent at the brewery, they came up with a radically innovative brewing process in which the brew’s fermentation was stopped just before the alcohol began to develop.

This process went down in brewing history as Clausthaler’s Controlled Fermentation. And when you invent something that will change the world, you protect it - that’s what Clausthaler did, they patented the brewing process. For many years, Clausthaler was the only brewery to use Controlled Fermentation. Nowadays, this method is used by other breweries as well, but no one comes close to the award winning taste of Clausthaler.

It was the relentless brewmasters that invented the Controlled Fermentation, they would stay up days on end, through the night, measuring, testing, measuring again, waiting, measuring, waiting until they found their own way of brewing a non-alcoholic that looked and tasted like a good beer should.

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