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Blended For You
The Athlete Smoothie Packs (Frozen)

Product code: FZ0096
for 5 x 205g
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Tired of forcing down bars, gels and too-soft bananas on your long rides and runs? Try packing our fave Blended For You smoothies. They’re also great pre and post workout nutrition. Our fave use is Maca Energy, The Athlete, Nutty Athlete and Blueberry Boost blends before we get our workout on (and during endurance activities). Then the Athlete, Nutty Athlete, and the Remedy to support our muscle repair and recovery post training (usually softened & straight out of the pack with a spoon so we hit the magic 30-minute window). The smoothies are all delicious, easily digestible, and nutritionally balanced.

This product traveled 1 km to reach our warehouse.

Features: Local , Frozen Product

Frozen Product Please note: This frozen product may be packed with dry ice. Please do not touch the dry ice, and keep away from kids and pets.

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Local; this product traveled 1 km to reach our warehouse. Blended For You

Local; this product traveled 1 km to reach our warehouse.
Frozen product Frozen product
The athlete: blueberries, bananas, filtered water, spinach, avocados, organic vegan protien, almond butter, tumeric, coconut oil. • Nutty Athlete: banana, spinach, almond butter, magnesium, vegan protein, turmeric. Maca energy: banana, hemp seeds, almond butter, cacao.maca, sprouted vegan protein. Blueberry Boost: blueberries, avacodo, spinach, almond butter, vegan protien. The remedy: pineapples, bananas, spinach, ginger, organic vegan protien, coconut oil, tumeric, pure hawaiian spirulina, dandelion root, mint, cayenne pepper, b12 vitamin (liquid)
Blended For You
Vancouver, BC
Over a year ago, Blended For You started developing truly good-for-us food in order to stay healthy while racing around in our hectic lives. Blended, frozen, ready-to-use smoothies fuel you through everything from long days to long bike rides, and Blended For You loves helping people do the same (healthy communities put really big smiles on their faces). They’ve done the work of balancing their smoothies for you (all those proteins, carbs and healthy fats that you try to remember to eat every meal) and added natural boosters to support a range of different health focuses. Life gets busy. You've got health goals. Blended For You has got you covered.

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