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Dr. Dünner

Auromère® Mint Toothpaste, Foam Free SLS Free

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Fine Chalk (a gentle cleanser), Glycerin (from vegetable oil), Water, Herbal extract blend: [Peelu (Salvadora persica), Neem (Azadirachta indica), Indian Licorice root, Pomegranate rind, Common Jujube, Rose Apple, Clove, Persian Walnut, Barleria prinoitis bark (Vajradanti), Indian Almond, Bedda nut, Asian Holly Oak, Prickly Ash, Zanthoxylum alatum, Sappan wood, Catechu, Bengal Madder, Acacia arabica bark (Babul), Sarsaparilla, Cinnamon, Medlar bark, Mayweed, Bishop's weed (flower extract).
About the product
Dr. Dunner Auromère® Foam Free Mint SLS Free Toothpaste combines the natural tooth-whitening fibre called Peelu with the astringent and invigorating properties of Neem and 24 other barks, roots, plants and flowers which have been esteemed for centuries by Ayurvedic specialists for maintaining optimum dental hygiene. The all-natural botanical extracts and essential oils in Auromère Toothpaste are prized for their astringent, purifying and soothing properties that help freshen breath and leave teeth feeling squeaky clean. In addition, Auromère Toothpaste contains no fluoride, gluten, artificial sweeteners, dyes or harsh chemicals commonly found in many toothpastes.
Features: Gluten Free , Nut Free
About the vendor
Dr. Dunner Switzerland
Phyto medicines and natural remedies with the best Swiss quality. Herbal supplements expertly blended from the finest Swiss ingredients in nature, designed to keep your loved ones their healthiest.

Since Dr. Helene Dünner founded her company in 1948, we’ve been a family-owned Swiss company passionate about the restorative effects of plants and herbs. For over four generations, we’ve been inspired by the majesty of Switzerland’s rolling hills and breathtaking mountain landscapes. We’re also inspired by the hardworking Alpine farmers whom we’ve come to trust and love as family.

Fresh, sustainably sourced, non-GMO herbs are our passion because our mission is to give nature the reverence it deserves. If we have less of a product one year, it’s not because those ingredients aren’t available- it’s because those herbs wouldn’t be coming from a farmer we know and trust personally. We will always know the entire value chain of our products. Your family deserves the highest-quality herbal supplements, and our family works hard to produce them.

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