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Local Organic Tomatoes, Heirloom

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The main reason to choose heirloom varieties is the flavor. There's no one heirloom-tomato taste; you'll find a wide range of flavors in the heirloom-tomato world. But many heirlooms are prized for having an old-time taste -- they're a far cry from tomatoes at the grocery store, but they have a shorter growing season and shelf life than modern varieties. The selection of tomatoes will vary through the season, so here is a broad description of the different colours:
  • The large red or pink tomatoes offer up what most of us think of as a classic tomato flavor — a balance of acid and sweetness.
  • Black tomatoes tend to have an earthy, almost smoky sweetness to them, with a bit less acid than red tomatoes.
  • The common tone of green tomatoes is a bright acidity, but the degree of sweetness tends to vary quite a bit.
  • Striped heirlooms (sometimes called marbled), are beautiful and they tend to have a rich, juicy, super-sweet flavor that is low in acid.
  • Orange tomatoes are mild, sweet, and are low-acid. They are the varieties that will remind you that tomatoes are, botanically speaking, fruits.
  • Yellow and "white" tomatoes are noticeably less acidic than red tomatoes. Some consider them the sweetest tomatoes and some consider them to be the most bland.

This product traveled 54 km to reach our warehouse.

Features: Organic , Local , Canadian , Vegan/Dairy Free

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Local; this product traveled 54 km to reach our warehouse. Origin Organic Farms

Local; this product traveled 54 km to reach our warehouse.
Organic product Organic product Canadian product Canadian product Vegan, Dairy Free product Vegan, Dairy Free product
Origin Organic Farms Origin Organic Farms
Langley, BC
In the mid-1990s, William Cheuk worked as a researcher at the University of British Columbia. With a doctorate in chemical and biological engineering, and considerable background in greenhouse-related research, William was intrigued by the potential of products grown under glass. And he was on to something good.

While negligible amounts of greenhouse tomatoes were in the market a decade ago, they now account for around 37 percent of all fresh tomatoes sold in U.S. stores. The proportion in Canada could be even higher.

William helped establish South Alder Greenhouses Ltd. in 1997, and now the company thrives in Delta, Surrey and Langley, producing beefsteak tomatoes and bell peppers less than 33 acres of glass. Situated only a half-hour's drive apart, each facility has its own unique microclimate and is overseen by a grower-manager who understands its specific conditions.

In addition to hydroponics produce, South Alder recently planted an acre of organic greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes in its Langley location. "Growing organic tomatoes has been challenging," said William, president of the company and one of three scientists working at South Alder. "There are many differences between growing hydroponically and producing tomatoes organically in soil."

William said one interesting dilemma was finding the right "recipe" of natural fertilizers to apply to organic tomatoes, assuring that the plants absorbed the fertilizers efficiently. "We now understand the best environment for growing organic tomatoes, and hope to plant more soon," he said.

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