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Nature's Farm
Free Run, Large Egg

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NNature's Farm Eggs are the result of relentless pursuit of improved quality and taste of fresh eggs, as well as the research and hard work of two generations. They are committed to supplying customers with the best possible products in terms of taste and nutritional quality. Their hens are raised without antibiotics in a Swiss free-run aviary that allows ample nesting space and free access to scratch, dustbathing, roost, and perch areas. In the spirit of preserving biodiversity Nature’s Farm have both brown feathered hens that lay brown shelled eggs and white feathered hens that lay white shelled eggs. These will appear in the carton at random. After having practiced this as a principle they have found that their customers agree with it and are quite enthused about the random nature of the shell colour.The flavourful, wholesome taste of these eggs is a result of the multi-grain diet of the hens. The feed ratio includes corn, wheat, oats, sunflower seeds and dried herbs. it does not contain any animal products.
This product traveled 1400 km to reach our warehouse.

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Nature's Farm
Steinbach, MB
At Nature's Farm, we grow healthy Vita-Eggs and we make delicious Nature's Pasta. Distinguishing characteristics of our products are their exceptional flavour and wholesome goodness, resulting from the meticulous care we give to every detail, our use of only the highest quality feed and natural ingredients, and our commitment to holistic and sustainable small farm practices.

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