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The Establishment Brewing Company
Jam Rock Blackberry Sour

Product code: LQ0375
for 473 ml; ABV 5.6%
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Blackberry Sour with Vanilla - Jam-like berry, layered with gentle vanilla creates a desert-like experience, and a tart finish leads to the next sip.
This product traveled 11 km to reach our warehouse.

Features: Local , Canadian

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G AA Tax & Deposits Locally Owned; this product traveled 11 km to reach our warehouse. The Establishment Brewing Company

Locally owned; this product traveled 11 km to reach our warehouse.
Canadian product Canadian product
Water, Yeast, Malt, Hops
Establishment Brewing Company
Calgary, AB
This brewery started as a result of close pals, a love of beer, and -The Establishment- which was part house and part beer lab for a bunch of curious home brewers. The 2013 flood that devastated many of Calgary’s inner city homes took its toll on the house, but the end result was a happy one; the basement was completely gutted making for a perfect opportunity to get more serious about home brewing, leading to lots of awards and lots of creativity. Establishment has since expanded to a full fledged brewery and is making delicious beers in a wider variety of styles.

The Establishment Brewing Company is built by a band of friends and beer fanatics, united by one common goal: the proliferation of friendship and great beer. Our beers pay homage to old-world brew methods, without being bound by them. And our objective is to craft world-class beers, while never forgetting a beer is only as good as the friends you enjoy it with. Ale to the people.

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