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Sourwood Cider
Wabamo Hopped Cider

Product code: LQ0411
for 473 ml; ABV 6.0%
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Fondly known as our Super-Duper Hopped Cider - this cider is super juicy, and packs a citrusy punch. Funky, sour, hazy, this cider is a real crusher and a crowd pleaser to boot! Hopped with Sterling, Cascade, and Simcoe hops for bitterness, floral notes, and haze.
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Features: Canadian , Gluten Free

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Yeast, Hops, 100% Nova Scotia Apples
Sourwood Cider
Halifax, NS
Our ciders are completely raw (unpasteurized), unfiltered, and gluten and sugar-free.

We leave natural fine sediment in our cider because it’s chock full of flavour and microbes. These microbes help make our cider complex and delicious. They add health benefits, and even help preserve the cider naturally, which means we don’t need to add preservatives. One of the microbes that’s hard at work in our cider is Lactobacillus, a probiotic superstar that promotes gut health while creating delicious sour tones.

Most mass-produced cider is pasteurized, a process that kills naturally occurring microbes to allow the cider maker to introduce microbes of their choice. This gives them more control over the fermentation, and a more predictable end product. As a craft beverage maker, Sourwood aims to be different - and what better way to be different than to do some experimentation? We like our cider to be complex and dynamic, and a little unpredictable. To achieve this, we leave our cider unpasteurized and encourage spontaneous fermentation whenever possible. This lets us listen to the organisms that occur naturally in the fruit, and let the wild yeasts and bacteria lead the way. Although this usually takes us on a bit of an adventure, and we’re never 100% sure what we’re going to get batch to batch, we think it’s more fun and interesting that way. Reproducing our products to a T isn’t our top priority - we’d rather keep things interesting.

We also ferment our cider completely dry - so that the end product is sugar-free.

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