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Raw Carob Powder

Product code: PL0165
for 200 g
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Raw Carob Powder is ground from raw Ceratonia Siliqua pods. The carob tree Ceratonia siliqua is a handsome evergreen of the locust family and comes in a number of species. To thrive, it needs well-drained soil and the same climatic conditions as citrus fruit. The tree of the most widespread variety grows up to 50 feet high and lives to a great age. Its bark is dark red and it produces glossy broad evergreen leaves and small clusters of red flowers. When the tree matures it can yield up to 1,000 pounds of pods annually.

Sweet and slightly bitter, with a pleasant almost caramel-like taste, Raw Carob Powder is a great caffeine-free substitute for cocoa powder.

While adding Cocoa is delicious to baking, there are so many reasons to bring Raw Carob Powder to the pantry instead! Carob has more fibre, no fat, and no caffeine. Don't worry about pets eating this like chocolate, here's a fun fact. Carob is pet-friendly. It doesn't contain high levels of theobromine, a compound that is toxic to dogs and cats in large quantities. Many dog treats are made with Carob Powder. There's no need to panic if pets find it.

There are many ways to use Raw Carob Powder in baking: rich carob cake, carob brownies, chewy carob chip cookies, sweet fudge, and more.
- Use Raw Carob Powder when you seek a subtle chocolate taste. Stir it into oatmeal or add it to homemade fruit smoothies. Add more Carob to diets by baking it into whole-grain muffins, mixing a spoonful into Greek yogurt, or heating it with almond, soy, or dairy milk.
- Remember that Raw Carob Powder has its own texture, so baked goods might not turn out exactly as they would when baking with cocoa powder.
- Sprinkle Raw Carob Powder on your ice cream
- Add Raw Carob Powder to bread dough or pancake batter
- To replace Cocoa Powder for Raw Carob Powder in a recipe, substitute it measure for measure. Since Raw Carob is slightly sweet, to reduce the sugar in recipes depending on taste preferences.
- When baking with Raw Carob Powder lower the temperature by 250F. Carob burns easier than Cocoa Powder.
- To substitute Raw Carob for baking chocolate -- mix 3 three tablespoons of Raw Carob Powder with 1 tablespoon of water, vegetable oil, milk, or non-dairy milk for every 1 ounce of baking chocolate.

Features: Vegan/Dairy Free , Wheat Free

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Gluten Free Gluten Free Vegan/Dairy Free Vegan/Dairy Free
Raw Carob Powder
Origin: USA
Be Fresh
Vancouver, BC
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