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Organic Millet Flour

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Millet is one of the oldest human foods and is believed to be the first domesticated cereal grain. Though difficult to know the exact origin, it's widely accepted that millet was domesticated and cultivated simultaneously in Asia and Africa over 7,000 years ago. Its African origins make this grain an ideal candidate for farming even in poor soil and dry weather conditions.

Historically, Millet was one of the five sacred crops in ancient China and also earned a mention in the bible as an ingredient for unleavened bread. Over the ages, Millet has been a staple in the Eastern European diet where it was primarily eaten as a porridge or fermented into an alcoholic beverage. In India, Millet grains are ground into flour and used for making the traditional Indian flatbread known as Roti.

Our favourite ways to use Organic Millet Flour is to make fluffy pancakes, dumplings,s or flatbread. Our flour is prepared from stone milling the hulled millet grains. Millet has is a naturally gluten-free cereal grain which makes it perfect for those with sensitivities. The flavour profile of Millet Flour is mildly sweet, nutty, and is suitable for use in both sweet and savoury dishes.

Nutritionally, Millet is an excellent source of dietary fibre. It is also a good source of manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, and copper. One of its significant benefits is that while many other grains are acidic, Millet is alkaline which makes it easily digestible, and helps maintain pH balance in the body.

Uses: The light texture of this flour makes it a perfect addition to gluten-free baking recipes. Here are some tips to get started:
- Millet's naturally sweet flavour makes it the perfect addition to a gluten-free cookie, cake and muffin recipes
- Use it to make a gluten-free batter for fried chicken, fish, or vegetables
- Add it to meatballs, meatloaf, or vegetarian burger recipes to act as a binder
- Replace up to 25% of the flour in recipes with millet flour for added nutrition.
- Try combining Millet flour with Brown Rice, Buckwheat, and/or Quinoa Flour in baked goods.

Baking Tip: Millet flour should be combined with xanthan gum or another binder for raised bread, cakes, and more.

- Replace up to 25% of the flour in recipes with millet flour for added nutrition.

Features: Organic , Vegan/Dairy Free , Wheat Free

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Organic Organic Gluten Free Gluten Free Vegan/Dairy Free Vegan/Dairy Free
Whole hulled millet grain.
Origin: USA
Be Fresh
Vancouver, BC
At Be Fresh Local Market we make freshly prepared food. But not just ordinary good food. Delicious, convenient, nutritionally balanced good-for-you food. Food that will help you become healthier and more energetic. There is enough stress in the world without worrying about balancing your diet. We do that for you. We are really, really into healthy living. We obsess, so you don't have to.

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