Bo and Marrow

Mushroom and Sea Broth (Frozen)

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for 591ml
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About the product
How do you improve upon a classic? By upping the benefits—Bo and Marrow Mushroom & The Sea delivers double, with the inclusion of wild-grown mushrooms such as Porcini, Chaga and Kombu seaweed, both highly regarded for their ability to help fortify the immune system against illness. Mushrooms contain powerful antioxidants that protect the body from dangerous free radicals, linked to cancer, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Kombu helps improve digestion and thyroid function, staves off iron deficiencies and combats rheumatoid arthritis. Feeling dehydrated?? Drink up as this broth contains a huge amount of electrolytes.
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Features: Frozen Product , GMO Free , Gluten Free , Vegan/Dairy Free
About the vendor
Bo & Marrow
Edmonton, AB
Bo and Marrow was born of love and love goes into every single savory Bo and Marrow bone broth. Each sip of Bo and Marrow broth is rich in healing ingredients, crafted with the utmost compassion and care. Created by a loving couple, Diane and Jonathan, Bo and Marrow fuses centuries of tradition into every creation. Diane and Jonathan set out to share their broth with others. Featured at farmer’s markets, their savory broth has become a local sensation, consumed by customers with Celiac disease, leaky gut syndrome and cancer, as well as athletes, people recovering from surgeries and more.

Bo and Marrow’s broth line has grown since the early days, featuring classic broths, Chinese-herb infused blends, Pho and specially-crafted broths for kids and furkids, too!

Bo and Marrow’s signature bone broths start with the highest quality ingredients, locally sourced in Alberta. The bones they use are free of growth hormones, antibiotics, feed additives or GMO ingredients. Organic veggies, spices, herbs and apple cider vinegar (ACV) are added to enhance flavor and ensure that all of the essential, healing nutrients are preserved. The broth is prepared traditionally, simmered for 48-72 hours. While other methods are becoming increasingly common, Bo and Marrow prepare broth the old-fashioned way—and never reuse bones after a batch is created. The result is an entirely sippable, collagen-rich broth that tastes as good as it heals!

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