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Antica Acetaia Dodi
Buon Condimento (4 Year Balsamic)

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Il Buon Condimento is a unique, precious addition with a flavor which is hard to forget. This dressing breaths the simplicity of the past, combined with the refinement of a superior product, which blends perfectly with many different flavors. By mixing cooked must and wine vinegar, left to age for five years in barrels made of high quality wood, il Buon Condimento is lovingly cared for over the years according to the traditions of the Dodi family. Il Buon Condimento has a somewhat high degree of sourness and a clear-cut flavor that provides a light and moderate taste for various uses. This special balsamic vinegar is perfect used uncooked, to flavor salads, raw vegetable dips and thinly sliced raw meat, such as: carpaccio. And is also a perfect base when cooking wild meat, such as: quail, partridge, wild duck, plover, deer and poultry, such as: chicken, duck, fowl, goose or turkey. An honest, valued touch that can at the same time completely change the simplest dish into a refined dish. This balsamic vinegar is produced by Acetaia Dodi in Reggio Emilia and considered to be one of the best balsamic condiments produced in Italy!
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Cooked grape must, wine vinegar. 6% acidity and 1250 density
Antica Acetaia Dodi
It all started in 1891, birth year of Carmelina Ligabue, grandmother of the current owner of the Acetaia Dodi plant. Her father, Anselmo Ligabue, made a set of wooden casks for his daughter’s dowry. A dowry she wouldn’t give up easily. Carmelina loved balsamic vinegar and her casks were everything for her.

Carmelina Ligabue married Ricordano Dodi , Master Dairyman for the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese in Bastiglia, near Modena. In 1925 economics went bad and the family lost everything. They had to move to S.Valentino di Castellarano, where they stayed until February 1930, when the entire family moved to Cadiroggio. Rolando - Carmelina’s and Ricordano’s eldest son - also worked as a Master Dairyman. He married Elda en in 1951 the current owner of the Acetaia Dodi, Ricordano, who was named after his grandfather according to tradition, was born.

Ricordano also worked as a cheese producer, but his passion for balsamic vinegar didn’t diminish, but rather increased. The growth of the family induced the growth of the number of balsamic vinegar casks in the Dodi vinegar plant and currently the entire Dodi family is a ‘prisoner’ of the world of balsamic vinegar.

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