Beanstalk Honey

Creamed Clover Summer Honey

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Creamed Clover Summer Honey
About the product
Despite the Summer of rain, the bees did manage to make some Honey. This is the Simple Classic. Clover, alfalfa, conola, and a few weeds and wild plants. It is raw and totally unheated: pure honey straight from the hives.
This product traveled 30 km to reach our warehouse.
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About the vendor
Beanstalk Honey
Edmonton, AB
In 2010, Tracey Smith started beekeeping with two hives at North Cooking Lake. She was quickly amazed at the diversity of flavours possessed by honey straight from the hive, and Beanstalk Honey was born. Every blooming flower produces its own unique flavour profile and composition of nectar, which the bees then turn into varietal honey. Today, she hand pack and sells varietal honey from her ~100 bee hives at farmer’s markets in Edmonton. She also selectively sources honey from other Albertan beekeepers, focusing on rescuing unique local flavours from the bulk honey supply chain and providing it straight to the Albertan community. She takes care to only work with beekeepers who value and practice sustainable and treatment-free bee keeping. These beekeepers hand-sort each box of honey by its nectar source and they keep their bees specifically in locations known for producing unique honeys. This year, they started testing the pollen content of their honey so they can be even more confident of its floral origins.

Albertan clover honey has an international reputation for being some of the best honey in the world. Tracey Smith is truly passionate about the weird and wonderful overlooked honeys with unique flavours, such as our Mint Honeydew. She has also developed a line of honeys to which she's added certified organic, fair trade spices. These honeys are intended to support you when you’re ill, whether it’s a sore throat or aching joints. They can add some flavour to your life any day of the year. Enjoy mixed with drinks, whether it’s cold water, hot water, coffee, tea, milk, or a milk substitute.

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