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Be Fresh
Organic Thyme Leaf, Cut

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For thousands of years, Thyme has been a superstar of the herb garden. As an antidote for poison, a plague preventative, a symbol of bravery in battle and a stalwart companion to the grave, Thyme has a far more exciting past than you’d think if you were walking past it in the supermarket today.

Roman soldiers were said to have bathed in Thyme or pinned it to their garments before heading into battle to give them courage. In ancient Egypt, Thyme was used as an embalming aid to help the dead make their passage into the next life or the afterlife. Both cultures also burned thyme as a purification aid in both sick houses and temples. Our Thyme is grown in the Balkans using traditional methods.

- Thyme is most commonly paired with Rosemary and Sage, but it actually goes well with a variety of other spices, like Garlic, Oregano, Onion powder, and Cayenne Pepper.
- Dried Thyme added right at the end of cooking to soups like lentil and split pea brings an aroma to the dish that is hard to miss. Just add the herb and immediately take the soup off the heat. Keep the dish covered, and when you are ready to serve, the soup will smell heavenly.
- Pasta and herbs are a great combination. When you have made your favorite pasta sauce, add a pinch of dried leaves to enhance your dish.

For making Thyme Tea, use 2 teaspoons with 2 cup of hot water. Steep for 15 minutes. Add raw honey and lemon juice as desired for taste.
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Features: Organic

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Organic product Organic product
Organic Cut Thyme Leaves.
Origin: China
Be Fresh
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