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Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.
Octo Box

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Featuring 473mL tall cans of Solaris, Electric Unicorn, Raspberry Wheat and Tiger Shark, these crazy tasty eights are ready for your next adventure. The Octobox is available at your favourite private craft-focused liquor stores just in time for Spring. There’s so much variety and flavour in this mixer it’ll be sure to octo-puts a smile on every craft brew fan’s face.
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Water, Yeast, Hops, Malt
Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.
Victoria, BC
We Are A Group Of Beer-Loving Adventurers, Dedicated To Exploring Every Corner Of The Craft Beer Frontier. Join Us As We Travel Along The Beer Flavour Arc! Our Path Is Guided By Unbridled Creativity And Unwavering Attention To Quality.

Vancouver Island produces amazing barley. By malting in-house we are able to support local farmers, and by using barley grown 15 minutes away we are also able to cut down on the emissions of transporting malt across the country. Finally, malting in-house gives us greater control over the quality of the final product. By tailoring the way we process the barley it also allows us to be more creative in developing recipes too!

There are only a handful of malt houses in North America, and we are proud to be the only craft brewer in Canada to malt our own barley.

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