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One For The Road Brewing Co.
Stone Sofa Non-Alcohol Kölsch

Product code: DR2467
for 4 x 473 ml
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Crisp, delicate and oh-so-drinkable! These light and refreshing ale-lager hybrids are perfect for during or after activities and have become favoured by beer lovers. It has a thirst quenching ability along with being a fun beer to enjoy with food.

Preferred food pairings include:

Nutty Cheese
Peach or Apple Crisp

This beer is light in colour and malt character with a slightly dry, crisp finish. Ale yeast is used for fermentation and is highlighted in the flavour. Originating from Cologne Germany the Kolsch has found its way onto the Canadian Craft Beer scene along with so many German style beers.

Features: Local , Canadian

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Local; this product traveled 0 km to reach our warehouse.
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One For The Road Brewing Co.
Calgary, AB
One For The Road is the result of our owners LOVING beer and the culture that comes along with it, RECOGNIZING that the Non Alcoholic Beer options and culture had a long way to catch up and BELIEVING that it was possible!

With nothing more than an idea they began a journey that took them from one helpful resource within the Calgary Craft Beer community to another, and another until they were able to collaborate with the experts that could share their vision and had the skills to make Non Alcoholic beers that could live up to the vision.

What One For The Road has become is a Brewing Company that brews Non Alcoholic Craft Beer that is good Craft Beer! We have options for those that want Non Alcoholic beer without giving up the Craft Beer variety, taste, and experience.

UPC: 627987163711
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