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SPUD.ca Juicing Program
Organic Seasonal Juicing Box

Product code: JU002
for eight 8-10 oz glasses (230-300ml each)
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Try the immune boosting Winter Seasonal Juicing Box from Spud and beet those winter blues! When you use the three customized recipes you get a delicious way to absorb all the nutrients from a healthy offering of produce - an excellent way to help meet the recommended daily intake of fruit and vegetables!

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Start things off with the sweet and tangy Nordic juice. It has a mojito-style easy drinking taste and is rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, C, E, folate, niacin, minerals & pectin. This juice helps with bone & blood building, detoxification and reducing inflammation. It also is a bonus for blood pressure and cholesterol maintenance.

The main recipe for the week is the Alpine recipe. A gorgeous coloured favourite which is good for your brain, heart and blood pressure, replaces electrolytes and is rich in vitamin A & C, B vitamins, potassium, minerals and antioxidants.

DO NOTE:This recipe also includes red cabbage and celery, which are not included in the kit, as you will only need to use half of each one per week. Simply add it to your order every other week and you're all set!

To liven things up when you're off the slopes, the wrap-up recipe is the Vitamin C-rich Aprés Ski. We like to serve this juice as three large shots, but no-one will complain about it coming in a larger glass. With 3 different citrus fruits and a smack of ginger, this juice is good for your liver, aids digestion and can help lower blood pressure.

So whether you're heading uphill or down, starting each day off with one of these juices can help you reach your peak condition much more quickly!

This kit is designed to make 2 glasses of Nordic, 4 glasses of Alpine and 2 rounds of the Aprés Ski shooters, with the addition of a half head of cabbage and half a head of celery to the ingredients in the kit.

Features: Organic

Disclaimer: The product information on this website may not be 100% accurate. Please ensure to check the product packaging information before consumption, especially if you have allergies or other health conditions.
Organic product Organic product
A special selection of organic fruits and vegetables that will combine to make delicious freshly extracted juices full of micronutrients.

Pricing will vary based on seasonal availability, and some substitutions may be made at certain times of the year. Items substituted will be of similar type and taste.

We are saying "8-10 oz glasses" as the exact amount of juice produced with each recipe may vary throughout the year, because produce can have higher or lower juice content at different points in their growing cycle.
Spud Juicing Spud Juicing
Vancouver, BC
Spud’s one-click organic Juicing Boxes are for people looking to re-energize and boost their health with juicing. Each box provides enough organic produce for a week of juicing. Save time and money by juicing at home while investing in your health with every glass.

Organic Juicing Box benefits include:

  • Hassle and commitment free - order Juicing Boxes when you need a week of detoxifying organic juices at home
  • Improve circulation, detox your body and cleanse your immune system
  • Choose new juices each week with Spud’s tasty juicing recipes, developed by leading nutritionists and updated frequently
  • One-click and Spud delivers a week’s worth of organic juicing produce to your door

Select one of our Juicing Boxes below to start juicing, start saving time, and start saving money today!

Contents and pricing will vary based on seasonal availability. Photos may not include all produce items delivered in the box. Check out the box details to see which produce items are included this week!

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