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Sweet Potato and Chickpea Buddha Bowl
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Prep Time Cooking Time Servings
3 people
  • 1/2 red onion, sliced in wedges
  • 2 large sweet potatoes, halved
  • 1 bundle broccolini, stems removed
  • 2 big handfuls kale, larger stems removed
  • 1/4 tsp each salt and pepper
  • 1 15 ounce chickpeas, drained, rinsed, and patted dry
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 3/4 tsp chili powder
  • 3/4 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/4 each salt and pepper
  • 1/2 tsp oregano
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric
  • 1/2 cup tahini
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  • 2/4 Tbsp hot water to thin

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1. Preheat the oven to 400F. On a baking sheet, arrange sweet potatoes and onions, drizzling everything with oil. Make sure the sweet potatoes are well coated, and placed skin side down on the sheet.
2. Bake for 10 minutes, then flip potatoes and add broccolini to the sheet. Drizzle oil over top broccolini with a dash of salt and pepper.
3. Continue baking for 8-10 minutes, then remove from oven. Add kale to the sheet, drizzling with oil and salt and pepper. Bake for an additional 4-5 minutes, then set all roasted vegetables aside.
4. Over medium heat, heat a large pan with 1 Tbsp oil. While pan is heating, add chickpeas to a mixing bowl to combine with seasoning.
5. Once oil is hot, transfer chickpea mixture to pan and saute, stirring frequently. When chickpeas are browned and fragrant, set aside.
6. Prepare tahini sauce by adding tahini, maple syrup, and lemon juice to a mixing bowl, stirring well. Add hot water until the sauce has reached your desired consistency. Set aside.
7. To assemble bowls, slice sweet potatoes in bite sized pieces. Divide vegetables between 3 serving bowls, and top with chickpeas and tahini sauce. Feel free to load up on more veggies. We recommend a few sliced cherry tomatoes, and some fresh avocado. Enjoy!

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