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How To Flavour Whipping Cream
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Prep Time Cooking Time Servings
4 people
  • 1 cup (250 mL) Whipping Cream
  • 4 tbsp sugar
  • flavour (See below for details)
  • Optional: Chocolate
  • Optional: Vanilla
  • Optional: Mint
  • Optional: Berries
  • Optional: Lemons

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Put all ingredients in a chilled bowl and whip until peaks form.

The most important part of whipping cream is the amount of whipping you do - too much and your cream will curdle. Test it regularly by forming peaks in the cream.

Soft peaks will form when lifted, but easily fall over. That means the cream is almost done.
Firm peak hold their shape solidly when formed and once that happens, stop whipping!

If you are whipping the cream and using it immediately, it is most common to whip it to firm peaks. If you are going to be putting it into a pastry bag or spreading it back and forth simply whip it to soft peaks, as it will continue to firm up while you are using it.

Flavour Suggestions:

Classic Whipped Cream
- 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

Berry Whipped Cream
- only use 1 tbsp of sugar (from above)
- 1 cup berries
- 1 small dash vanilla extract (optional)
- mix berries with sugar, mash slightly and let sit 30 min. Press through fine mesh strainer and use juice in recipe

Bourbon Whipped Cream
- 4 tsp bourbon

Chocolate Whipped Cream
- 1 tbsp powdered or liquid cocoa (hot chocolate mix)

Chocolate Mint Whipped Cream
- 1 1/2 tbsp finely chopped mint
- 1 tbsp cocoa powder (hot chocolate mix)

Fresh Mint Whipped Cream
- 2 tbsp finely chopped mint

Irish Cream Whipped Cream
- 2 tbsp Irish Cream

Lemon Whipped Cream
- 2 tsp lemon juice
- 2 tsp lemon zest
- 1 extra tsp sugar

Peppermint Whipped Cream
- 2 candy canes (crush in blender)
- omit the sugar from above

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