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Spooky Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn Balls
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This easy-to-make snack brings salty and sweet together for a fun Halloween treat. With organic popcorn as the base, this snack is high in fiber, naturally low in fat and calories, and packed with antioxidants. Add in sweet organic maple syrup and chocolate and salty organic natural peanut butter, and you’ve got a treat that’s sure to delight kids of all ages this Halloween.
Prep Time Cooking Time Servings
10 people
  • 5 c. organic air-popped popcorn
  • 3 tbsp. organic maple syrup
  • 4 tbsp. organic peanut butter
  • 3 tbsp. organic chocolate chips

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  1. Prepare organic popcorn (in a popcorn maker or using the stovetop method) and place in a large bowl. Add chocolate chips and mix together.

  2. Fill a small bowl with ice and water and set aside.

  3. Over medium-high heat, mix together the organic maple syrup with organic peanut butter until melted and bubbling. Pour the liquid mixture over the popcorn mixture and combine.

  4. Prepare the surface where you’ll be setting your popcorn balls and get ready to form the balls. Dip your hands in the water then grab a handful of popcorn mixture and roll it into a two inch ball (about the size of a tennis ball). Keep dipping hands in the water in between to keep the mixture from sticking to your hands - if a ball isn’t holding its shape, dip your hands in the water again and reshape it.

  5. Let the balls cool and enjoy!

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