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Gluten Free Parsnip, Sausage and Apple Stuffing
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1 person
  • a splash of cider
  • olive oil
  • 2 onions, finely chopped
  • a few sprigs of fresh sage, leaves picked
  • 4 parsnips, cut into 1 in. chunks
  • 2 apples, peeled, cut into 1 cm. chunks
  • 8 gluten-free or vegan sausages
  • 200 g. gluten-free bread, torn into chunks
  • 1 large free-range egg
  • finely grated zest of 1 lemon

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1. Preheat over to 375F. Oil a 20 cm baking dish.
2. Saute onion for 5-10 minutes on a large pan over medium heat with olive oil until softened (not until browned).
3. Shred sage and add to onions along with parsnips, a splash of cider, and a pinch of salt and pepper. Leave for 10 minutes with the lid on.
4. Remove lid after 10 minutes, add apples and cook for another few minutes.
5. Transfer mixture into a bowl and let cool.
6. Snip ends of sausages and squeeze meat out into the bowl.
7. Put bread in food processor and shred to breadcrumb size.
8. Add bread to bowl with egg and lemon zest.
9. Mix all this together with hands until well combined.
10. Press into prepared baking dish, cover with tinfoil and bake for 45 minutes.
11. Remove foil, cook for a further 15 minutes.
12. Serve.

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