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Subscribe and Save

Subscribe and Save
Subscribe and Save
Never run out of your favourites with a flexible subscription delivery that saves 5% on most items.
How it works
  • Pick your favourite products
    Select "Subscribe" or "Subscribe and Save" on any eligible product.
  • Choose your frequency
    Get items delivered every week, every two weeks or every four weeks
  • Customize your subscription
    Change quantities, pause or cancel
    (until 8 PM one day before your delivery day).
Frequently Asked Questions
Subscribe and Save is a flexible way to schedule the groceries you want to receive on a recurring basis. With flexible schedules of deliveries you can make sure you only get what you need when you need it.
Simply click on "Subscribe" or "Subscribe and Save" on any product, choose your preferred quantity and frequency and you're all set.
Visit Subscribe and Save under the My Account drop down. Your subscription are shown for the next four weeks. Subscription you have set for your current delivery day will have already been added to your cart. Visit your cart to make any edits to this order. You may edit each product individually, by week, or all subscription.
Caselot items, produce, items with container deposits, milk, eggs, butter, and some seasonal items.
Good news! The discount price will be automatically applied to any sale items. Please note that the discounts are not added together, but the best one is applied to that particular order - so you will get your regular 5% subscription discount OR the sale discount amount, whichever is higher. This means you can always be sure you're getting the best value.