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What does it mean to be sustainable?
When we started SPUD in 1997, it meant sourcing food that benefited people and planet. Today, sustainability means so much more to us, and here's how we show it:
  • $21,470
    Donated for Canadian community-based programs since 2019
  • 6.25 Tonne
    Of greenhouse gases reduced through our efficient delivery routes
  • 114
    Local and locally-owned vendors supported
  • 7 million
    Grocery bags diverted from landfill with our reusable bins
Meet your local farmer
  • Meet your local farmer
    Roots Organic
    Our family has a long history of farming in the South Surrey, B.C. area. Before specializing in herbs, baby vegetables and edible flowers our farm used to produce the more traditional crops of onions, carrots, head lettuce, romaine and green leaf lettuces. However, with the dramatic drop in returns for these staples, a new direction was sought. Beginning in 1996, we introduced small scale herb production into our green houses as Evergreen Herbs Ltd. Today we are one of the largest distributors in Canada.
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  • Surrey, BC
Meet your local MERCHANT
  • North Vancouver, BC
  • Meet your local MERCHANT
    Two Rivers Meats
    Two Rivers Meats was started by Jason Pleym and his wife Margot in October 2007. The name was inspired by a song their friend Barney Bentall wrote for their wedding, called Where Two Rivers Meet. The Pleym’s pride themselves on developing relationships with local farmers who share their vision of how animals should be raised. They are a purveyor of fine meats including beef, pork and others that are free of antibiotics, hormones and chemical feed additives.
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What Our Customers Have To Say!
    "I like to be able to shop and support local farmers in a way that I can't do in the big chain super markets. I also love, especially in these strange times, that I do not have to go into a store to get amazing products, especially the produce."
    - Sharon D.
    May 2020
    "Love everything about you guys, I tell everyone about spud. I think everything you guys do ethically and environmentally is important, your product is good, your delivery and bin pick up is great, and you have an impressive amount of options! "
    - Jackie B.
    May 2020
    "Great organic & local products, easy website to order on, love this! I order every week! "
    - Krystal S.
    May 2020
    "Your product selection is good, your customer service is great, and the convenience of having my groceries delivered while knowing I'm supporting a local company is awesome! "
    - Meg W.
    Apr 2020
    "Love this service. Lots of variety in local and organic foods that get delivered right to my door! Revolutionary! "
    - Whitney R.
    Mar 2020