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If there is a science to ice cream, Marcus Purtzki has mastered it.

After earning his bachelor's degree in food science and nutrition at UBC, Marcus worked in restaurants in Vancouver and New York before deciding to focus on pastry - and macarons in particular.

When Marcus and his wife Melanya moved to Calgary in 2012, they bought a small gelato machine and made pints to sell in JBFC and FARM. Marcus' rich, dense, small-batch ice cream quickly became a hit among Calgarians.

"People just wanted the ice cream," he said.
We believe that collaborating with independent companies in the community is an important next step for the local food movement.
Peter van Stolk,
CEO at Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery -
  our VISION
SPUD began as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in 1997 and has grown its impact on local, organic food one relationship at a time. Over 20 years later, we are still here disrupting the norms of grocery by creating a model where value can be shared between our environment, customers, communities and shareholders. We believe now is the time for SPUD to reach out and share its commitment to innovation and sustainability with other local food makers. Marketplace will allow independent grocers, local artisans and specialty shops to share their passion online with SPUD's systems and best practices.

Our vision for the future looks like this: the physical shop is small, intimate and fully aligned with local needs. It feels special when you walk inside. There is a small inventory in-store and an endless aisle online. People treat going to the store as an experience - spending time to appreciate the product, enjoying a conversation with the owner and indulging in the experience of being a community member.