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We all know the last minute stress of figuring out what's for dinner. That's why we're so proud to offer Be Fresh Meal Kits.

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Arugula Chevre Stuffed Chicken with Garlic Smashed New Potatoes
SERVINGS: 4 | TIME: 40 MIN | $8.99/serving
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Guacamole Burgers with Roasted Sweet Potatoes
SERVINGS: 4 | TIME: 30 MIN | $8.99/serving
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Kimchi Fried Rice with Tofu
SERVINGS: 4 | TIME: 40 MIN | $8.99/serving
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Zucchini Almond Pad Thai (Vegan)
SERVINGS: 4 | TIME: 35 MIN | $10.99/serving
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How it Works

Simple, Delicious Recipes

  • Options for every diet - Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, and good old omnivore

  • Customizable - only receive what you need, so there’s less waste

  • Recipes are easy to follow and delicious. No more stress over what to make for dinner!

Local, Organic, Seasonal,Ingredients

  • We partner with local farmers and producers to bring you the best food possible

  • Enjoy seasonal ingredients at their peak of flavour

  • Our banned ingredients list means you can trust you’ll only receive safe, healthy, real food.

Convenient, Sustainable, Delivery

  • Weekly delivery to your door, for free!

  • Ingredients are carefully packed to stay fresh

  • Less waste than any other meal kit delivery service

  • Packing materials are recyclable and compostable

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