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Returning bins & packaging

Delivering groceries in reusable packaging is what helps us stay committed to being your most sustainable grocer. By keeping bins and packaging in a closed loop delivery system, we're creating less waste and operating more efficiently. Reusing and sharing packaging materials means your groceries will require less packaging without compromising quality and freshness.

Our warehouse uses special technology that tracks orders and efficiently deploys pickups for bins by nearby drivers. Spud bins and packaging go through a rigorous sanitation process when they are returned to the warehouse so they can be used more than once.

Spud bins can be left out for our drivers to pick up when your next order is delivered, or you can schedule a bin pickup at your convenience.

Please return your bins weekly - we need them to keep our sustainable delivery system running smoothly!

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What can be returned

- Spud bins
- Freezer pouches
- Ice packs
- Reusable glass jars from Avalon, Jarr and Earnest
- Pink plastic single-use pouches from BeFresh products (we are turning these into outdoor furniture with Terracycle!)

If you have any questions about the bins, or if you are interested in receiving cardboard boxes, please Contact Community Care.

*You can also return the bins at our pickup locations. Please drop bins off by the back door / guest parking. If you come to the location, we kindly ask that you respect covid safety precautions and wear a mask.