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Do you have a bin, box or reusable packaging you wish to return?

We now collect reusable bins, boxes, and reusable packaging. We will pick these items up when we drop off your next order, or we can arrange for a driver to come by the next time we are in your neighbourhood.

All reusable packaging is sanitized in our warehouse or sent back to the supplier to wash and reuse! If you return a box, we will recycle it for you.

Request bin pickup

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You can also return the bins at our pickup locations. Please drop bins off by the back door / guest parking.
If you come to the location, we kindly ask that you respect covid safety precautions and wear a mask. If you are returning a box, please also flatten it! Thank you.

Wondering why you are getting a bin or box?

Reusable packaging is only more sustainable than single-use when it remains in circulation or reuse. If you are a subscribe and save customer, or you have joined our membership program, you will receive groceries in a reusable bin because you will be re-ordering from us. Re-ordering increases our chances of keeping our reusable bins in circulation!

If you are a customer who is getting your deliveries in cardboard boxes, but orders on a regular basis, then you will want to join one of these two programs for more reasons than just getting a reusable bin (hint: exclusive discounts)!

SPUD's Bin

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