Do you have a bin to return?

Bin pickups are for reusable bins only. Please recycle your cardboard boxes.

We will pick up the bin when we drop off your next order , or we can arrange for a driver to come by the next time we are in your neighbourhood.

Please ensure all reusable bins and packing materials (freezer bags and gel packs) are outside your door upon your next delivery.

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You can also return the bins at our pickup locations.
Please drop bins off by the back door / guest parking.

Wonder why we use bins to deliver your groceries?

1.Our bins are environmentally friendly. Using bins helps us eliminate unnecessary packaging, reduce waste, and lower our impact on the planet. You can help us by making sure to return your bins.

2.Our bins are sturdy. They help keep your order safe, and ensure that your food arrives farm fresh, every time.

3.Did you know we use our bins to collect donations for local charities several times a year? Keep your eyes peeled for the next bin drive in your area!

SPUD's Bin