SPUD Reward Points

Redeeming Your Points

Once you have earned 1000 points or more, you can redeem them for $10 off your next order. Points can be redeemed in multiples of 1000, to a maximum of 4000 points, as long as you have the points available to redeem.*
On the "Checkout" page, click on the 'Redeem points' button on the left of the screen. The rebate will show up on your current order.

NOTE: Your reward points balance will go to 'zero' if your account is inactive for a period of 12 weeks. We reserve the right to change our points program at any time.
* Points cannot be redeemed on orders containing liquor.

How it works

Invoice Subtotal* Points Earned with
every $1 Purchase
$75 to $99.99 1.0
$100 to $124.99 2.0
$125 or more 3.0
*excluding taxes, deposits, credits and refunds. If your invoice subtotal is $100, then you will receive 2.0 points for every dollar spent, giving you a total of 200 points.