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Like many companies, Silk’n Soft was formed when an idea sparked about a product that was missing from the North American marketplace. Every household stocks bathroom tissue in a variety of brands but they all have one thing in common - every roll is made from trees. Our reliance on trees for bathroom tissue, and the never-ending demand we have for this essential product is a major environmental issue. Silk’n Soft began their research to find a more sustainable choice for toilet paper and they found it in the No Trees brand tissue paper already being used in New Zealand and Australia. The product is manufactured in China, so they knew that they had their work cut out for them - they had to ensure the process used to bring the product to our marketplace had a smaller carbon footprint than cutting down trees in North America. After extensive study and time spent at the manufacturing plant they were satisfied that the No Trees brand represented a more sustainable choice and a fit for North America. Many have acknowledged bamboo as the material of the future and Silk’n Soft agrees. Bamboo is used in many products from clothing to flooring to countertops. As the fastest growing plant on earth, increased use of bamboo as a substitute for less sustainable products is one of the natural ways we can improve our eco-system. With the great demands on our forests worldwide, we are happy to bring a tree-free option to the North American marketplace. We hope it begins to contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and future.

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