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270,000 trees worth of paper gets flushed down toilets or thrown into landfills every single day. That’s nearly 2,000,000 trees a week, just for household paper products.

Is there a better answer?

We think so.

TREES = 30 years BAMBOO = 3 years With its rapid growth cycle, bamboo produces ten times the yield compared to trees. Plus, trees are single use and have to be replanted. Bamboo is a grass and simply starts to regenerate again and again and again…

Many people appreciate that the clear cutting of our forests is not the way forward. However, they're not aware that better options are available. With Bamboolia, you can now exercise your right to make better choices - for you and for our world.

A portion of proceeds from every Bamboolia item sold helps contribute to numerous international and local environmental efforts, including the replanting of trees cut down for tree-based paper resources.

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