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Banana Joe began in 2012. Joe is an avid runner. One stormy evening after a marathon-prepping run, he returned home ravenous. The only thing he could find in his kitchen were some unripe Hom Thong bananas. Stomach growling, he decided to find a way to eat them. Thinly sliced with a bit of rice bran oil, he ended up with delicious chips that were the start of the Banana Joe brand.

Co-founder Nat was working with a social enterprise that helped convert farmers to organic farming and fair-trade marketing. Together, the two friends committed to sharing the exotic and unique flavor of Thai bananas with the world. To develop a functional snack that is also fun. To source and market that snack in a socially responsible manner.

Banana Joe uses only sustainably grown Hom Thong bananas sourced from small family-owned farms. Our Hom Thongs are the original flavorful strain of the Gros Michel bananas, the type your grandparents used to eat. Although they are more sensitive to their environment, requiring extra care in growing, we chose to use them to preserve this tasty species by supporting farmers who grow them.

Banana Joe chips contain both prebiotic and probiotic fibers. Probiotics are good bacteria which help your gut to digest food that you cannot digest on your own. Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that nourish the good bacteria.

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